To connect people with disabilities from around the world through arts

Vsamn.Org was started to provide a platform for disabled artists to express their love for art and disabled audiences to enjoy the same. We aim to provide a platform through which we can help disabled artists to promote their work on our pages.

When they post their work through our platforms, disabled artists are able to learn from the comments, advice and encouragement they get from our audiences. Our platform is also a great way for the entire artistic community to interact with disabled artists and audiences.

We provide a platform where disabled artists and audiences can participate through in the following ways:

Posting Images of Art

Art Description


Why Should People Support Disabled Artists?

Disabled artists are often overlooked and their work is not given the same level of recognition as other artists. People should support disabled artists because they have a lot to offer, and their work is just as valuable as anyone else's. We should all take the time...

Why The Arts Are Important For People With Disabilities

Why The Arts Are Important for People With DisabilitiesFor people with disabilities, the arts can provide a much-needed outlet for expression and creativity. While many forms of art require the use of fine motor skills, there are still many ways for people with...

Top 5 Most Amazing Art Exhibitions by Disabled Artists

Art is a medium that everyone can enjoy. It makes you feel more connected to the world and opens up your senses to something different. However, some people have disabilities that prevent them from being able to make art in the traditional sense. If they are unable to...

Top 6 disabled artists you should know

The world of art is one that can be inaccessible to the disabled. But, with some creativity and a lot of determination, there are many artists who have been able to push past this barrier and create a work of art. Here are six such artists you should know about.

Selected Art Works to be Displayed in Japan

Selected Art Works to be Displayed in Japan Long-time Minneapolis VSAartists are all happy to know that one of their paintings will soon be included in an exhibit at the AaMo Gallery in the Tokyo Dome City in Japan. Juggling Dog in Hula Skirt will be one of 110 pieces...

Caritas Vocal Ensemble Concert to Benefit VSAM

Caritas Vocal Ensemble Concert to Benefit VSA Since 2002 Caritas has sung beautiful music with 85 percent of the proceeds given to non-profits that provide basic human services (like the arts!) to individuals. Audiences who make donations are treated to a delightful...


At VSAMN, we believe in the power of connection. We believe in the common maxim “your network is your net worth.” Therefore, we work the extra mile with a single-minded resolve that people with disabilities should be connected with each other and even those who aren’t disabled.


With connection comes support. Our communities enable people with disabilities to get the support they need from forums available to them or even directly from us. We know that people with disabilities go through so many difficulties that only they can understand.


We stand for the disabled and do it with courage. We offer disabled persons in the world access to the things they like to do.

We strive and continue to challenge others and ourselves until we’re certain that our disabled family members and friends enjoy life and what the world has to offer, like everyone else.

Our Online Community

Our online community is a great place for people with disabilities to create connections, interact, learn, and share with each other.  It’s a vibrant community of like-minded people where fairness and respect are nurtured.


We’re transparent and honest about everything we do, and how and why we do it. It’s this level of transparency that has enabled us to build trust with all our stakeholders.

We are Here for You

Many people with disabilities enjoy the fullness of life through useful connections with other people like them and those who don’t have disabilities. The internet has revolutionized everything, especially how people socialize.

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