Minnesota Disability Mural

These artworks are part of the Minnesota Disability Mural Project (MDMP), exhibit in the fall of 2013 at City Center in downtown Minneapolis. The 1 foot x 1 foot art tiles were created this summer by Minnesotans with disabilities or people with a personal connection to someone with a disability. For many, the art-making was a first-time experience. For others, this exhibit is the first time they have had their artwork on public display. Still others make art every week.

If you are looking for an artwork and don't know the image number, email the VSA Minnesota office or call 612-332-3888 or 800-801-3883. Provide us with the artist’s full name and an email address or phone number where the image number/numbers can be left!

  • Cartoony garden scene with happy faced flowers of purple and red, four happy-faced four-legged, red bugs, two standing yellow/green with red spots mice, one orange butterfly in upper left and two tall long-stemmed hanging flowers of orange with the words, Life is Good in center of piece. Perched on the top of the script L is a singing blue bird.;
  • Collage of cut-out figures of bugs, butterflys and animals on painted background of green, beige and blue;
  • Vertical, gauzy strokes covering the panel in pinks, blues, greens, mustard and white;
  • Seaside scene with tan/brown in foreground, light and dark blue in wavy motion with lighthouse and glaring peach light emanating out into a brown/orange/red sky;
  • Abstract of marker lines with vertical lines filling center in orange, turquoise and green with angled lines of red and more turquoise crossing the verticals.;
  • Abstract of thick, wavy horizontal brushstrokes moving from black at  bottom to deep blue and yellow/green through the middle and finally to a magenta/pink/dark purple at top.;
  • Abstract with large splotches of wide strokes of color including dark blue at center, lime green mostly encompassing the blue with strokes of purple below crossing over the blue and green. Also some scattered lavender marks on the far left side and random splotches of beige and lime green througout.;
  • Abstract of deep magenta in lighter and darker shades filling the tile with horizontal and vertical strokes and blobs of rich color.;
  • Abstract with very dense colors  and patterns completely filling the tile. Edges are primarily dark in blacks and grey/greens. Center contains patches of yellows, orange, blues, red/pink and cream.  Throughout tile are dots and small splotches of red, cream, black and brown.;
  • Abstract with areas of color filling the tile.  Lime green band marks full left side.  An area of shades of red/orange and red/pink fill much of the upper half of the piece with purple outside of the green on left, a wide swath of blue at center in lower half of piece and then a red/brown mixture along bottom and up the right edge. At center are horizontal lines of thin red over the neutral light yellow base.;
  • Horizontal bands of color along top and bottom in red/purple serve as a frame for vertical bands of color (moving from left to right) of red, yellow/green, blue, purple, dark blue, lavender, light blue, yellow and purple/black.;
  • Multi-media piece with black material and hooks for stage curtains which open at the center to unveil a magenta and yellow painted tile. Upon the tile is written in multi-colored letters, "Let us SEE, HEAR, TOUCH, FEEL Our Stories TOGETHER. Footlights are painted along the bottom and attached next to the writing are paperclips and key rings to depict a person in a wheelchair. The key rings are attached to extend upwards from the tile to depict the wheels of the chair.;
  • Abstract of wide overlapping brushstrokes of purple and red/magenta partially filling the light green background. Above the painted strokes are thinly drawn marker lines in blue, yellow and purple.;
  • Large, blue tinged goblet with a google-eyed red/magenta fish floating in the goblet with four white and blue air bubbles rising from its blue lips. Background is a solid base of yellow/green filling the tile.
  • Marker and pencil drawing of things seen at Halloween. There are four orange pumpkins along the bottom and center, five thick V's depicting bats, almost twenty red outlined ghosts situated throughout, a black cat at bottom center, a yellow sun in upper left and a pencil drawn boy labeled Matthew G.;
  • A tactile portrait made with glued various sizes and colors of seeds and beans. The face has one eye closed, red cheeks, and a slight smile. The words, ?Touch + See? are at the bottom.;
  • Abstract using markers in overlapping lines, squiggles and circles. Marks at top are in light blue, then mixture of green and purple then along bottom a mixture of orange, red and purple.;
  • Abstract with band of yellow/gold along top of piece. Much of the rest of piece is wide overlapping strokes of yellow/orange covered with a small area of black on upper right side.;
  • Painted circles of many colors sit on a background of white with thin, marker lines of deep purple connecting each circle to circles that are near by.  Circle colors include shades of green, lavender, red, brown/green and purple.;
  • On the right side is a collaged tree-like shape created with various handmade papers of turquoise, gold, brown and cream with pink floating dots in the background. On the left is the reversed pressure print of the tree-like shape collage in in light purple on white.;
  • Abstract vertical and horizontal strokes with sides of red and a top of deep blue. Some blue vertical strokes below the top;
  • Horizontal strokes of blue, blue/green, aqua and white on the beige base;