How to experience the impact of digital accessibility

Global Accessibility Awareness Day was Thursday, May 17 (the third Thursday of each May). Whether you are a web designer, developer, usability professional or anyone else, this is an opportunity to take an hour to experience first-hand the impact of digital accessibility (or lack there of).

For instance, the Global Accessibility Awareness Day website offers details based on suggestions such as:
* Go Mouseless For An Hour
* Do you know where you are as you navigate each screen?
* Can you interact with every element using the keyboard alone?
* Is the page accessible and usable for low vision/visually impaired users?
* If you use your browser to resize the text to 200 percent, have all elements resized, including all widgets?
* Check for Sufficient Color Contrast.
* Check Order of Elements to make sure elements will be read by screen readers in the correct order.
* Surf the web with a Screen Reader for an hour.
* Learn about and use other mobile Accessibility features

Check it out!

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