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Many people with disabilities enjoy the fullness of life through useful connections with other people like them and those who don’t have disabilities.

The internet has revolutionized everything, especially how people socialize. Through our platform, people with disabilities can have a great social life online, something that can easily transform and translate to their normal life.

Our platform allows people to develop great careers in art. Ranging from photography to painting to theater to so much more, you can get the motivation you need right here.

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What VSAMN Stand for?

Very Special Arts Minnesota

Interested in Serving on the Board of Directors?

VSA Minnesota is always on the lookout for people in the community who have an interest in our work for possible inclusion on our Board of Directors. Characteristics of current and past board members include:

  • Passion for the mission;
  • Skills in making visions become reality;
  • Knowledge of fiduciary responsibilities;
  • Willingness to make time & financial commitments.
Exhibit Program

VSA Minnesota displays artwork by Minnesota artists with disabilities in a variety of locations. Some exhibits feature one artist, while other exhibits include the work of many artists. In some instances their disability directly influences their art; in other cases, their disability has little or no effect on their work. In all instances, the artists are chosen because of the excellence of their work and their continuing dedication to their art form.

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