Eye-Dentity exhibit features Northeast Minneapolis artist

Leili Pritschet, a native of Iran and a resident of Minneapolis, will exhibit her new and selected works at Homewood Studios.
DATES: January 16 to February 9, 2016.
OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, January 16 from 3:00 to 5:00 pm.
GALLERY TALK: The artist will talk about her new works on Tuesday, January 19 at 7:00 pm.
LOCATION: Homewood Studios, 2400 Plymouth Avenue, Minneapolis.
GALLERY HOURS: Tues. 5:00-9:00, Wed. & Fri. 1:00-6:00, Sat. 1:00-4:00 PM.
CONTACT INFO: 612-587-0230,

Leili Tajadod Pritschet has created a series of new paintings focused on the metaphors and symbolism of the garden. As a victim of torture, and as a woman growing older and confronted with diminished eyesight, she shares her experience and healing via painting. She writes:

Framed painting of a red cardinal on a snow-covered branch of a tree with red berries against a blue background.

Cardinal, by Leili Tajadod Pritschet

“What I cannot say in the language of words, I capture in the language of images with humor and whimsy as well as pathos and poignancy. Creating art is a tremendous tool in my healing process. With each stroke of the paint brush, my body and spirit begin to heal. I engage in a visual discourse about the enigmatic, disquieting experience of growing old.”

She adds, “Eye-dentity is inspired by the sudden loss of my eyesight and explores the complex relationship between nature and human beings and especially the vanishing wonderland of aging.”

Pritschet’s new work, presented in her second show at Homewood Studios, also continues her investigation of the garden as a source of inspiration and healing, an antidote to the long gray Minnesota winters, and as a point of departure for her imagination. She explores the layers of garden symbolism and metaphors for the inner landscape of thought, memory, and emotion. Whether imagining the beauty of a mythological garden, dissolving the garden wall to offer a sacred space, or drawing on floral lore for religious or secular intent, the rendering of a garden is rarely a matter of mere representation.

Finally, as a victim of imprisonment and torture, her engagement with painting serves as a way to regain control of her life and as a source of healing. She employs metaphors in her paintings to allow for the traumatized imagination to approach the unapproachable, to address the unspeakable in image and story, and to shift one’s internal experience to allow, when the heart and mind are ready, redefining that painful experience, and storing it in the safe place of gone but not forgotten.

Pritschet has received a number of grants and awards from VSA Minnesota and the State Arts Board. When still living in Iran, she was an internationally known dancer, director and choreographer. Here, she directed and choreographed Persian dance productions of “Hidden Yearning” in 2007 and 2009. Her most recent visual art exhibits were collaborations with Hend Al-Mansour in 2012 and 2014.

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