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An Open Letter to our Community

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It is never easy to share bad news; no one wants to do it and no one wants to hear it. And yet, there are times when it has to be done, so here goes.

VSA Minnesota – the state organization on arts and disability – will be closing its doors and ceasing its operations at the end of September, 2019.

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Access to the Arts ~ 1986 to today

Celebrating 30 plus years of doing what we do. Three logos include VSA Minnesota - The state organization on arts & disability; Very Special Arts Minnesota and VSA arts of Minnesota

The organization that has helped to make the arts more accessible to Minnesotans with disabilities has now been around for more than three decades. Though the name has changed over the years – first Very Special Arts Minnesota, then VSA arts of Minnesota and now VSA Minnesota – we have always stood for quality programs and services. Feel free to browse this site to learn how we create communities where people with disabilities can learn through, participate in and access the arts.

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