Teaching Artist Roster


When completed, this page will lead readers to an approved listing of Minnesota artists (from all artistic disciplines) who have completed a thorough application, review, and interview with VSA Minnesota.

The primary purpose is to identify and promote high quality teaching artists who have particular expertise working with students with disabilities. The roster is intended as a resource for recipients of Artists-in-Residence Grants, as well as any community groups seeking teaching artists to work with their special needs population.

The roster has a secondary purpose of promoting and supporting professional development for teaching artists. Teaching in and through the arts is a complex profession and a growing field – and more support and training is needed. With this roster, VSA Minnesota hopes to play a role in advancing the field of teaching artists, with the ultimate goal of supporting, strengthening and expanding arts education for all Minnesota students.

For information about VSA Minnesota’s current teaching artists roster, please contact Craig Dunn directly at 612-332-3888 ext. 1, 800-801-3883 ext. 1 or email:

Teaching Artist Roster Application

VSA Minnesota is implementing a new application procedure for the Teaching Artist Roster. It is our intention that it will grow and evolve over time to better serve students with disabilities and their peers within our state, as well as the Teaching Artists themselves. This roster will be more efficient and accurate in addressing the needs of schools, educational settings and communities using teaching artists in their programming.

Eligibility: A Teaching Artist Roster applicant must be:

  • 18 years of age or older;
  • a resident of Minnesota;
  • professional artist with expertise in one or more arts disciplines;
  • skilled in working with children/youth/teachers in educational settings; and
  • committed to becoming familiar with various disabilities and effective methods for adapting techniques and differentiating instruction to reach all learners.

What to Submit:

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis in the disciplines of Dance, Literary Arts, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts. Artists may apply in more than one discipline. Please review the Teaching Artist Roster Guidelines before beginning an application.


Other Minnesota Arts Organization Teaching Artist Rosters

A number of other arts organizations in the state have active artist rosters. Here is an alphabetical list of some of these organizations. Note that the teaching artists included on these rosters may or may not have experience or expertise in working with students with disabilities or special education needs.