Board and Staff

Board of Directors

Maggie Karli – President
Behavioral Health/ Employee Assistance Prog. Acct. Specialist, Cigna
St. Paul
Jeff Prauer – Vice President
Shift Supervisor, MSP Airport Foundation
St. Paul
Michele Chung – Treasurer
Product Marketing Manager, ProVation Medical
Stacy Shamblott – Secretary
Program Coordinator, SHARE, Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute

Stephen Danko
Co-Owner, Jean Stephen Galleries
Susan Tarnowski
General Manager, Edina Art Center
Sam Jasmine
Access Technology Trainer
Jill Boon
Independent Arts Contractor
Ray Konz
Associate Attorney, Gray, Plant & Mooty
Nicholas Ambroz
Manager, Office Depot
Mark Hiemenz
Principal, Wiser Wolf
St. Louis Park


Craig Dunn

Executive Director

Craig Dunn Hi, I am Craig Dunn and I have been the Executive Director here at VSA Minnesota since August of 1992. Prior to that I was a member of the Board of Directors for four years and served as the board’s President from 1989 until July of '92. My background is in both music therapy and music education having worked primarily with students with developmental disabilities in the Elmbrook School District in Wisconsin and the Anoka-Hennepin District in Minnesota for 13 years before taking over here. I enjoy singing, playing guitar and piano when I can. I also enjoy traveling around the state and country with my wife and we especially like staying in B&B’s while on the road.

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Jon Skaalen

Accessibility & Grants Coordinator

Jon Skaalen One day in 1999 while hunting for relatives in Norway, I was chased off a mountainside by a couple of goats named Ole & Lena. I escaped their terrifyingly ticklish whiskers by leaping into the water, where I was eaten by the Sognefjord Monster, Jonah of the Deep, who was in turn netted by a fishing trawler that took one whiff of Jonah and shipped it to the largest Lutefisk producer in the world, Olsen Fish Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Just before tossing Jonah into the vat of lye, the workers heard strains of “Lutefisk, oh Lutefisk, you have a special flavor,” and opened up Jonah to find “Jon! Ah!” Freed, I walked down a street of plugged noses until a sign, “Vunderful Savory Arts,” pulled me inside. There I correctly answered the question of the day, “How many E’s are in LEFSE,” and was hired as the Nooseletter Editor and Program Coordinator. Today, a lot of Valuable Savory Apostrophes later, I’m still here eating lefse and coordinating our VSA Access to Performing Arts program, Access Improvement Grants, Emerging Artists Grants, and resources for artists and arts organizations. Outside the hallowed halls of our old Masonic building, the Hennepin Center for the Arts, I continue to feast as often as possible in theatres, pubs and libraries on a diet of Beckett, Berks, Hatcher, Holm, Sondheim and Sutphen. It’s even better when the shows are accessible so ANY of my Venerable Senior Arthound friends with varying degrees of sight, hearing, mobility and humor can join me. “The Play’s the Thing,” as we say at VSA.

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Halle O’Falvey

Exhibits Coordinator - Part time

Halle O’Falvey Halle OFalvey is a teaching artist focusing on the disability community. Supported by her recent M. ED. from Lesley University, she is project manager for Remembering With Dignity, and has integrated the arts into her community organizing and her activism in social justice work for people with disabilities.

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Interested in Serving on the Board of Directors?

VSA Minnesota is always on the lookout for people in the community who have an interest in our work for possible inclusion on our Board of Directors. Characteristics of current and past board members include:

  • Passion for the mission;
  • Skills in making visions become reality;
  • Knowledge of fiduciary responsibilities;
  • Willingness to make time & financial commitments.

If you think you might have an interest in serving on the VSA Minnesota Board of Directors, feel free to peruse the Board Service Description document on the Community Resources page. The Board of Directors Application can be found on the same page.

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African-American woman in wheelchair with brightly colored jacket poses near a display of artwork hung on panels behind her.

Former VSA Minnesota Board member Adrienne Mason as she attended the artist reception of the Minnesota Disability Mural Project Exhibit at City Center in downtown Minneapolis in October of 2013.