About Us

Vsamn.Org was started to provide a platform for disabled artists to express their love for art and disabled audiences to enjoy the same. We aim to provide a platform through which we can help disabled artists to promote their work on our pages.

When they post their work through our platforms, disabled artists are able to learn from the comments, advice and encouragement they get from our audiences. Our platform is also a great way for the entire artistic community to interact with disabled artists and audiences.

The interactions and connections the artists get through our platform lead to their growth and empowerment. Also, those who are not into artistry get to enjoy art from others, which encourages them to pursue what they love.

Our Mission

We create a safe digital platform through which people with disabilities can access, learn, and participate in arts so they can build relevant careers in it.

Our Vision

To connect people with disabilities from around the world and give them a platform through which they can experience the world through the beauty of arts.

Visit Us

751 Badger Pond Lane
Tampa, FL 33602

Open Hours

M-F: 8am - 6pm, S-S, 9am - 1pm