Skills are important life tools everyone need. The different types of skills are many and vary. They can be categorized as hard skills or soft skills.

Hard skills involve technicalities in life while soft skills are among the most important skills you need to make it in life. The latter skills determine your emotions and how you deal with others.

According to a LinkedIn study, 57% of employees value soft skills more than hard skills. This also explains why soft skills are considered the most important.

No two individuals were created the same. People have different talents, and this is what makes everyone unique and life beautiful.


All humans are codependent on each other. Unfortunately, the disabled can’t engage in some activities due to their physical or mental limitations.

A report by the World Health Organization shows that approximately 15 % of the world’s population is affected by some disability. There has been a global rise in disability cases. This is attributed to aging and the rise in chronic disease infections.

Disabled persons may possess certain skills, but are unable to conduct related duties directly. Therefore, they can only instruct, or supervise others. This is where soft skills come in.

The skills enable you to relate well with people. You can develop various skills to help you improve your personal life and career for better living.

Here’re a few skills that can improve your life as persons living with disabilities:

  • Communication skills
  • Discipline
  • Creative skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Curiosity skills
  • Learning skills
  • Productivity skills
  • Shooting skills for self defense

Top 8 Skill People with Disability Should Learn to Improve their Lives

1) Communication skills

For a happy life, people need to communicate and relate well with others. Disabled people can improve their lives with such skills. Communication skills cover a vast area, including:

  • Public speaking
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Negotiation skills
  • Other skills that enhance communication with other people

Good communication skills help boost your relationship with people. Therefore, you’re more likely to be happier and successful due to the unity and better relations.

2) Discipline

Discipline is a soft skill that everybody, both disabled and otherwise, need. It takes lots of practice to be disciplined because it’s not a skill that’s easy to develop.

When you’re disciplined, you master how to control self. Good discipline builds good habits. With discipline, you develop the following qualities:

  • Motivation
  • Commitment
  • Persistence
  • Mental strength.

All factors above are necessities for a successful life. Discipline attracts greatness. It’s the key to opportunities and high potentials.

3) Shooting skills for self defense

Shooting is a technical or hard skill that’s essential for a person’s security. Disabled people often find themselves in situations where they can’t defend themselves from physical assault or robbery.

Shooting is a skill that anyone can learn. You’ll learn how to shoot, how a gun works, the various parts of guns, including accessories. With that knowledge, you’re able to choose the right gun for you, including different bottom metals choices for the Remington 700.

Security starts with you. Therefore, if you are able, get a gun license and proper gun education. With a legally acquired gun, you can defend yourself if attacked.

4) Creative skills

Creativity is in high demand. It competes with cloud computing in the job market. Creativity gives people an upper hand in comparison to artificial intelligence. It’s a skill that‘s not easy to replace with technology.

Disabled persons can get a bigger share of the world’s cake if they have the creative skills needed for development. The world is in a transformational phase. Hence, the need for this type of skill. Creativity makes you stand out from the rest.

You can solve problems easily, and it makes your life better. Our creativity also plays a role in influencing others. Therefore, disabled persons can change the world if they invest in being creative.

5) Critical thinking

Disabled people who are critical thinkers have the freedom and ability to think freely. They often come up with amazing solutions to problems. They know how to deal with problems and are open to change.

To think critically, one must be open-minded and be good at making decisions. Making poor decisions can affect your life negatively, leaving you depressed and a failure. Therefore, for a better life, develop this skill.

Critical thinkers are open to new concepts, and they’re always eager to understand the world. Hence, they are fast learners and creative.

 6) Curiosity skills

Curiosity skills affect how people reason and view the world. Intelligent disabled people don’t criticize ideas. Instead, they’re curious to understand ideas.

Curiosity skills enhance your empathy towards others. You become more understanding of yourself and others.

7) Learning skills

It’s through learning that you gain knowledge, which is power. Disabled persons have the ability to acquire knowledge. A man is empty without information and knowledge.

Being a good learner helps you to acquire knowledge faster. It makes you more effective, and you can easily grow and meet your goals in life.

8) Productivity skills

Productivity helps you to be a good manager of your time, energy, and responsibilities. It’s a mental mastery skill that helps you to do your planning efficiently.

The more productive you are, the higher your chances of succeeding and living an improved life.